Quality Services

The clinical pharmacy department of Southern Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center is providing 24 hrs services to the patients. For the convenience of the patients, extension counters have been set up on and around the hospital complex. This incurs high utilization of manpower and resources. The clinical pharmacy is dedicated to bring the benefit to all those involved in patient care. SIMS pharmacy is alert about the spurious medicines. Hence the department has already initiated steps for quality testing of the drugs. At the time of purchase one of the clauses insisted upon now a days is the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice from the firm.

The main goals of SIMS Pharmacy are:
• Maximum patient care
• Quality Services
• Patient education
• Adverse drug monitoring


24 hrs Hospital Pharmacy
Credit cards accepted
24 hrs help line: +91 471 2242017
Free supply of Medicines to Economically back ward Patients