Happy Healthy Life.

The Southern Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre was established in 2002 to provide affordable medical care in a patient-friendly atmosphere and in a spirit of compassion, previously beyond the reach of the common man. SIMS is an 330 bedded, charitable, super specialty hospital, equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. SIMS provides dedicated patient care and endeavours to improve its services on a constant, ongoing basis. The mix of activities include,

- Patient Care - Developmental Projects - Research Projects - In-house Research Projects

50% of the beneficiaries, who received either free or concessional treatment, even the remaining 50% enjoyed highly subsidized treatment.

A free drug bank is functioning on the hospital campus where patients who cannot afford to purchase the medicines prescribed to them are supplied with their drugs totally free of cost. This has only been possible through the extraordinary help, cooperation and the dedication of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals of this institution

The most significant element in the establishment of SIMS is the vision and constant encouragement were the inspiration to create this facility with only the objective of relieving the suffering of individuals and their families who suffer with them

Wishing you all a happy healthy life.