Managing Emergency Situations

Ruckmoni Memorial Devi Hospital as SIMS is equipped with 20 beds exclusively for managing emergency situations, including Coronary Care, Brain Injury and Critical Care Ward for treating multi system disease and multi organ failure patients with emphasis on managing poly-trauma victims (patients having head injury, chest injury, abdomen injury and limb injury, all at the same time)

24-hour X-Ray, Ultrasound Centre, , Diagnostic laboratories 24 hours a day. 24-hour Lab and availability of specialized services available.

Gynacologist , OBG and pediatrician, Intensivists in the Intensive Care Unit, Radiologists, etc, if required, to deal with all emergency situations.

Fully equipped 4 operation theatres, which are functional 24 hours a day. Ambulances, Service of well-qualified Graduate & Diploma Nurses and paramedics available for the state-of -the-art Services. Excellent Communication facility to call for help.


An ambulance service for picking up patients who need to be brought to this hospital for treatment. on all days. Arrangements for the ambulance can be made by calling the hospital or the Emergency Department directly. A dedicated Helpline number (0471-2242017) is available 24 hours a day to avail of this service.

The request for this service will come from the doctor or from the general public for any Medical Emergency like a Road Accidents, Fire Accidents, Heart Attack, Electric Shock, Industrial Accidents, Snake Bite etc.